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Let us increase the performance of your computer through optimizing the operating system and hardware to make it better than new! 100% increase in speed guaranteed!
Slidell Computer Repair

Make Your PC Like New Overhaul

Maintain Peak Performance: We can speed up your computer by optimizing your system’s settings with our Fxware Tuning Software. We will also install an antivirus program and maintenance program that will keep your computer running fast. If you have Windows 7, we can upgrade it to Windows 10 for you as a part of this service. You get all of this for only $199.99

Slidell Computer Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Work Protected: We perform a thorough Check for viruses and malware & then perform a Complete Removal: Don’t let your system be one of the millions of systems that are compromised – and painfully slow! Our certified cleanup starts at $99.99

Service includes:

  • Thorough Virus & Malware Scan
  • Complete Removal of Viruses, etc.
  • Windows OS Optimization
  • Standard Driver Updates
Slidell Computer Repair

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Did you accidentally delete a file? If you did and you have not used your PC since the deletion then there is a small chance that we can recover the deleted file. To avoid worrying about deletion issues we can backup your personal files onto any storage device you provide or on DVDs for only $99.99 + $2 per DVD.

Hardware Upgrades

​We install almost any component, from RAM to processors for only $49.99 plus the cost of parts. Not sure what you need? We can help you select the right part for your system and complete the service and return your computer as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime. Please bring your computer, the power supply, and any related parts or components such as external hard drives, etc., that may be required to complete the upgrade. We no longer fix laptop power jacks of screens.

Custom Computer Services

Do you want a truly unique and top tier PC? Let us build the computer of your dreams. We can build you a desktop PC unlike anyone else’s, custom built to your exact specifications. Windows 10, LED lights, water cooling, we can do it all.

The custom PC service cost $199.99 + Hardware costs. We will work with you to determine the optimal hardware parts so you don’t overspend. Please have a list of the PC games and programs you use to help us recommend the hardware specifications that are right for you.

Custom Gaming PCs

Each build includes:

  • Case and parts assembly
  • Air or Water cooling (closed kit only)
  • Windows OS installation & Custom Optimization
  • Standard driver installation
  • Antivirus

You can find our custom gaming PCs, which are good for office, home, and gaming purposes by going to the following page: Custom gaming computers. Increase your productivity like never before!

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

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Slidell Computer Repair