Are you a passionate PC gamer with a social media account, Twitch.TV channel, YouTube channel, or have a new website with PC gaming related content? Fxware is looking for PC gamers with exceptional networking and social media skills to sponsor. Before we can consider you for sponsorship we will need to analyze your online accounts and see an example of how you plan to promote us on your websites. Please follow the directions below.


1. Show us that you can create high quality content about our company with a blog post or article that talks about the benefits of buying a gaming PC from Fxware. Please use keyword rich content and a few links to our website.

2. Post about us on all your social media accounts with a link to

3. Wait 1 week and then send us an email with a detailed list of your online accounts and a link to the blog/article you wrote about our company. We will then analyze the traffic your blog/article brought to our website. An ideal candidate will bring a lot of traffic to our site. If you are an ideal candidate for sponsorship we will email you back. It might take us a few weeks to get back to you so please be patient. 🙂

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