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custom gaming computer

If you’re looking for a fast custom gaming PC then you have come to the right place! In our online store you can pick from many different stock gaming PCs and then using our custom gaming PC builder you can upgrade them through our easy builder interface. Currently, we offer a good variety of different custom gaming computer that can customized to your liking and we plan to add a lot more. And we mean a lot more!

custom gaming pc

Before offering certain hardware we have to carefully research every part and case that we might use for a custom gaming PC to make sure they are up to our standards. The hardware we use in our custom gaming PCs are name brand, top tier hardware by companies such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Corsair, NZXT, Raidmax, Asus, Gigabyte, and Razer.

custom gaming pc

We also have helpful PC gaming articles written on our How To Articles page that can help you increase the performance and frames per second of your PC games. Of course you won’t need these guides if you get a computer from us! In addition, we have posts and articles that explain the different peices of computer hardware. To learn more about FXWARE you can visit our About Us page.

custom gaming computer

As an experienced builder of custom gaming computers we know what you need and don’t need. Our gaming PC technicians know exactly which parts work best together and build your custom gaming desktop in a way that fully optimizes all the hardware to work in harmony together. We also customize the Windows 10 operating system for gaming to make it extremely fast!

We are a family of PC gamers who love to build the most well designed custom computers on the planet. FXWARE provides custom computers for PC gamers and business professionals of all types. Build a custom PC easily with our webstore interface.

We love to build custom computers tailored to our customer’s needs without all the unneeded fluff you get from the big retailer’s (e.g., HP, Dell, Gateway) computers (weak and overpriced machines). Store bought PCs look good on paper, but they are made with low quality parts and are not optimized to run at their fastest. Our PCs come optimized and include tune-up software you can use for the life of the PC.

Luckily, we are able to offer you the cheapest prices possible because we are a small family company that sources the best deals for high quality hardware from companies like AMD, Corsair, MSI, Gigabyte, andSapphire. In addition, we do not have a physical storefront (no rent) and thus we get to pass the savings on to you.



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