Unfortunately we are no longer building PCs ourselves and instead have setup our website to recommend Gaming PCs on Amazon. We are thankful for all of our customers and supporters over the years. We wish everyone the very best.

We are a family of PC gamers who love to build the most well designed custom gaming PCs on the planet. FXWARE Gaming PCs provides custom gaming PCs for PC gamers of all types. Build a custom gaming PC easily with our webstore interface.

FXWARE builds custom gaming PCs tailored to our customer’s needs without all the unneeded fluff you get from the big retailer’s (e.g., HP, Dell, Gateway) computers (weak and overpriced machines). Store bought PCs look good on paper, but they are made with low quality parts and are not optimized to run at their fastest. Our PCs come optimized and include tune-up software you can use for the life of the PC. We are able to offer you the cheapest prices possible because we are a small family company that sources the best deals for high quality hardware from companies like AMD, Corsair, MSI, Gigabyte, andSapphire. In addition, we do not have a physical storefront (no rent) and thus we get to pass the savings on to you.

Over 10 Years of Experience – No other gaming PC company makes PCs like FXWARE. We have had a long time to get very good at what we do. Being PC gamers ourselves, we know exactly what our fellow gamers want.

Quality – No other PC maker has such a consistent history of quality products. Want proof? Check out our reviews and customer feedback. We warranty our PCs for up to one year. Even the gaming PCs we overclock for free.

Focus – We make PCs for people who care about their system’s performance on resource demanding applications and video games. We don’t pretend to make the cheapest office PC, servers, or offer business networking services. We focus strictly on high quality gaming desktop PCs, from the lowest level to the highest level of performance. We refuse to put cheap, off-brand Chinese parts in our PCs and it shows. You only get name brand hardware from the major players in the PC hardware industry.

Our People – When you buy a PC, you’re not just buying hardware, you’re also making new friends. The people that make up the company, their knowledge, and passion for designing gaming PCs, make all the difference in the products and service you receive. We aim to make our customers as satisfied as possible. Check out our free upgrade policy!

Free Upgrade Policy – Since FXWARE PCs are built upon purchase, our customers could possibly receive free hardware upgrades depending on what the current deals are on the market. The free upgrade is completely random as we do not control the hardware prices, but our customers will always get at least one! Thus, what is listed in the packages is the bare minimum you will receive.

How are we different from ibuypower and cyberpower? FXWARE makes sure that your gaming rig is fully functional, completely updated, and delivering optimal performance before it arrives at your doorstep. This means we install your operating system, update all the drivers, optimize the bios, overclock parts if requested, and test it for stability with AMD overdrive and other gaming benchmarks. We can also install your favorite game and other freeware if requested. All free of charge!

What We Do


We will come to your house for quick repairs or to drop off your computer.



We build lightning fast office computers that increase productivity. You can contract us for a monthly retainer to come to your place of business to service your computers.



We can fix a decent amount of PC issues remotely and over the phone.