Need to make League of Legends run smoother?

Low end or entry level gaming machines are kind of tricky when it comes to optimizing them for max FPS. Follow these steps to increase your frames per second for League of Legends.

1. Put LoL video settings on LOW  and set your video card settings to Performance and then check to see if you have the latest drivers for your hardware. Try using the free version of Driver Booster.

2. Minimize the programs in the background, close anything, your browser, steam, skype and whatever else you might have open. This will help especially on single/dual core CPUs and machines with low amounts of RAM.

This is a follow up to step two, press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC this will take you directly to the Task Manage. Switch to the “Processes” tab. There should not be a process that takes more than 15% of your CPU power, only exceptions are the Game itself and the System Idle Process, if there are several Processes that together take more than 10% CPU time you might want to uninstall those unnecessary programs (don’t kill processes you don’t know about, google them!

3. For Windows 10 Users: In task manager uncheck as many Startup programs as you can. For Windows 7 Users: Type msconfig in your start menu search bar and select it then find the startup tab and uncheck as many startup items as you can. DO NOT CHANGE THE SERVICES.

4. Go to your start menu and type in the search bar Advanced system settings. Another window will open, click Settings in the Performance section. Yet another Window will open, in the tab Visual Effects you should tick the “Adjust for best performance” option, If you did so your PC will take some time to adjust, Win7/8/10 will look bad, however you will certainly get some FPS (this can range from only 1 to 20) out of this. To keep windows looking good check the “use windows Visual style” or something to that effect and enable desktop composition.

5. Go ingame and set the Framerate cap to “Benchmark” now DISABLE shadows and uncheck “HUD Animations” and disable Vertical Sync. Both Shadows and HUD Animations don’t add much to the quality of the game yet they take quite a lot of performance, in turn you might be able to up some other options, like Particles (Effects Quality) or Character Quality.


If your PC is still not performing the way you’d like then please consider a FXWARE custom gaming PC. 🙂

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